I Am

I. Am. A. Work. Of. Art.

Carefully sculpted, made in greatness not perfection, 

My imperfections make me rae, my rarity makes me beautiful,

Meant to be appreciated for who and what I am, 

Meant to be appreacitaed for who and what I am,

Possessing a deeper meaning than the naked eye can see, 

Naked. I expose myself vuluerably, 

I no longer wantto hide in the four walks of my body,

No longer wanting to be constricted by the norms of society, 

Its okay to be different.

Its okay to be different. 

Its allowed to be different. 

The greatst works of art are often the hardest to understand, 

Now I understand why most can't see me for the work of art

that I am, 

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, 

Behold: me. 

Clothed in ebony, 

Outlined in elegance, 

Dipped in charm,

Covered in charisma, 

An artistic anomaly, 

a multielemental masterpiece. 


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