I Am

Wed, 08/02/2017 - 14:58 -- Klisomi

I am like glass

Fragile and easily broken

I am like dirt

Walked on by the people who feel they are more important than me

By people who don’t think about me being there until they get dirty

I am like paper

crumbled up and tossed aside


Like a pair of old ripped up jeans thrown out and given away

All of this is damage

Damage to the person that risks everything to be like you

To a person that just wants to fit in and be normal

When you damage something, it can never be the same as it was before

Yeah you may replace pieces of it or patched it up

But it's not the same


Words are like knives and swords

Cutting away at our hearts and feelings

Attacking people and making them feel alone

Making us feel like we will never find someone to love us

Like we are a wrong piece to an unfinished puzzle

Like a book without a happy ending

Like a song where the words don’t quite fit the style or rhythm


We are ticking time-bombs waiting to blow

Waiting for the moment when we break and fall

Into the depths off a cliff and into the shards of a broken heart


Don’t tell me to suck it up

You think saying it won’t hurt will somehow stop the pain

Don’t tell me I’m wrong to feel this way

When there’s no right way otherwise

Try telling a kid whose life sucks so bad

The only thing that hurts less than people

Is the scars on his arms cutting away the pain

That he is wrong


Tell the girl who feels she will only ever be happy if she is dead

that people care about her

She won’t believe you

She’s been torn and scarred too many times

By those who don’t care to ever think someone did

To her it's like saying the sky is green

Or that grass is red

That someday the pain ends

She can only dream of the day she dies of a broken heart

She feels the only answer to her problem is by killing herself

And all her family does is look away

She has no friends to help her


Or the boy who was sent to a mental institution by his parents

Thinking that a doctor could prescribe him with medication

As if the bruises on his heart were less important

Than the stabbing wound in his leg


But what all of these kids have in common besides the wretched bullies

Is the beauty that can’t be seen by themselves

A beauty that is easily seen by those with a similar life

But harder to see by everyone else

And because its hard to see we pretend it isn’t there

We don’t try to see it because it takes to much effort

Too much strain

Too much heart


If you think you don’t belong in this world

Please, think again

Because there is someone out there, somewhere waiting for you

And if you disappear, there’s nothing left for them to search for

I am like a door

Ready to be opened by the person

Searching for the one thing they live for.

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