Hurt People Hurt People

Something I really want to say is bullying is like a storm that can strike at any moment. Bullying feels like a hurricane that never goes away, it shakes you up until you feel you can't take it anymore. You become the avalanche that explodes in the night of day. Your words take a toll and you fall deep into your soul. All you feel you can say is thanks to all the oppressors that have taken a big stroll on your life. Your eyes widen as you cry. Your hands sink into your pockets, your hood goes up, and your head goes down. I want to complain that bullying is not ok. Every year people are bullied everyday. We need this to stop because kids, even adults, go home and have breakdowns and want to drop, not in a good way but in a bad way. You were happy at the start of the day then you turned real sappy. Bullying kills, kinda like you kill with your sad and insulting words. You may be hurting deep down but that gives you no right to express your cruel feelings among me, he, she, him, her, etc. This gives you a drowning sound of music. Everyone is having their own struggles. Keep your thoughts to yourself. People go home everyday and talk to their insecurities because they poke and poke because of all the insulting things they get told over and over again every single day. It's like a knife stabbing into your chest when you're not awake. It's like a shotgun shooting your heart and exploding it into 1 million pieces. The pieces try to build each other back together, but they always tend to get knocked right back down. The insulting words you hear go through your head like a moving train which is always circling around the world with hatred and dread. The words cut deep down. You feel the bullying will never end, but it all depends. When you're being bullied and you stick up for yourself, you usually get thrown under the bus. You're always the one to get in trouble for sticking up for yourself. It always seems like you can never be heard, you're always wrong. But if you don't have proof then you are the bad one. Your words mean nothing to some people, but the people that care are the people hurting just like you, and they are the people that hear you out. When you hear the words run through your head, you feel nothing but dead. You're sulking in your own pain with nothing but dread. The words cut deeper than a knife at the moment you feel strife. You hear nothing but bitter sorrow come to your head. Your eyes fill up with tears because you just heard another one of your fears. But one thing you should do is stick your head up high and say no, but all you can do is put your head down and cry. The thing is bullying is just something people cant quit because they feel like sh*t. But just know the people who are being bullied are the ones who want to feel good about themselves but can't. The people who don't stand up for the people being bullied are worse than the bully. So please listen. The person that is beside you, in front of you, or just within 6 feet of you is hurting. Please help them. Smile at them, wave at them, do something to make them smile. You are worth it and don’t listen to anything those cruel people have to say to you. You are perfect as you! So please end bullying, and stay positive!


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