I’m hungry

I’m always hungry

Blame it on what you want but it’s just biology

Humans, just like any other mammal,

Need to keep their blood glucose levels stable

The way to do that is to eat little things all day

I’d rather eat BIG meals all day

Or nothing at all

I’m always hungry because i’m never full

I’m missing something

Be it protein or carbohydrates or lipids

Or you

I’d consume you if I could

You’d make me strong

And satisfied

You’d fill me up

I know you could

Why play with food when there’s you?

You’re the sustenance I need to survive

I’m starving without you

Wasting away

I’m aching with famine

My legs quake when I see you

For fear that I will hunt you down

Before anyone can stop me

You’d be perfect

Other people don’t sustain me like you would

I’ll look for more as I’m feasting on them

Not with you

With you I could stop

I could rest

I could smile

With you I’m sure I’d be full

Surely balance will soon follow

Because why else should we eat?

We eat to survive

And I would thrive with you


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