A Hummingbird's Cry

Have you ever seen a hummingbird cry?

Those crystalline tears dripping down iridescent feathers.

Perhaps that is why it's wings beat so fast.

A vain attempt to dry the dreadful drops before the blooming flowers see.

Perhaps that is why it never utters a sound, it's wings become the ones who do

  all the talking.

Perhaps that is why it drinks the flowers nectar so desparately.

It is the only creature who cannot see the truth behind the pain.

The only creature who therefore cannot judge.

Would the grasshopper mock the darling hummingbird while it was in such a

  tearfilled state if it were to become it's prey?

Or maybe the ladybug would turn it's head and scoff at the hummingbird as it 

  visited for a dose of reassurance and comfort.

I think this is the reason why the hummingbird loves the flower so.

The nectar bearing angel might be oblivious to the hummingbird's troubles but

  the hummingbird's visits are not in vain.

Even though the flower does not see the pain or know why the hummingbird 

  comes, she still decides to provide comfort.

She shares her nectar and while the tiny pilot drinks she caresses it's head with 

  silky petals.

Deep pink is the flesh that hides it's hurting from the rest of the world.

I see the noble flower as a delicate princess of sorts, comforting her loyal knight in

  it's time of need.

So I ask again, have you ever seen a hummingbird cry?

If I could discover the reason why then I could share it with the dear princess and

  maybe, finally, ease the broken knights heart.

Do you know why the hummingbird cries?

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