Dear boy who said,

Short girls are the cutest girls.

This one statement makes me

Look up and down

At myself in the mirror thinking,

“What can I do to earn approval,

To achieve your regulations,

To meet your standards?”

I had no idea height determined

The content of my character.

But it’s just plain fine to see

The beauty in a girl that’s 5’5”

Rather than a girl that’s 6’2”.

Because who would ever

Want to even be seen with a


When people ask how tall I am

I don’t tell them exact numbers,

I give them estimates.
To let their mind wander

And to save myself from

Another dumbfounded look

Followed by, “Do you play



Because it’s perfectly okay

To point out the obvious in

Someone that’s tall but it’s

Utterly disrespectful to point

Out the obvious in someone that’s


But then my perspective opened

Up once I realized I don’t need
To slouch my shoulders

Or ask, “Can you see?”

To every person behind me.
Because a short person

is not greater than or less than

A tall person.

Humans are not math equations.
We should not measure ourselves

Determined by our size or if

Every goddamn pair of pants

I try on are capris or if

The boy I like doesn’t like me back

Because he’s 2 inches shorter than me.

Maybe you should start determining

The things you find attractive

In something much more deeper than size because

We’ll all shrink eventually.

Just find someone that won’t

Shrink in spirit.


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