Human Nature


understand me

don't overlook me

yet some people prefer to underestimate me

but i'm over that


she's misunderstood

she wants to be Ms. Understood

but she has really bad relationship issues

she misses understanding


all you need is a new point of view

or maybe just a new point of you

you'd rather be a synonym than a homophone

even at your best, nothing changes


you hate looking in the mirror

it defines your worth

so you decide to break it and throw it in the trash

but their eyes are ample substitutes


if you feel that your only use

is when you allow people to use you

your usefulness is forever dependent upon your service

when it runs our, you're useless


or if your use is in your youth

you just need to go find the Fountain

then you can continue your service, understood at last

time to grab that mirror again


thus begins the genesis of your exodus

i speak to yourself wistfully

as i wipe my brow, thinking to myself darkly

maybe our effort is wasted


maybe the past warrants precautions

but these precautions keep us (from)

hiding in a closet wondering why the light won't stream in

as we lean back and keep the door shut tight


i fear the Light

i can't stand to be without it

that makes you like everyone else, brother

eventually someone will catch me in my inconsistencies


at least that's what she thought

thoughts provided motivation

even though her hands committed the crime

her mind is as much to blame


the words were purposefully written

every stanza purposely twisted

Alpha meets Omega, read and re-read until you understand

if ever one could understand


Human Nature


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