A Hue's Affiliation

Color it blue,

With the words of color.

Be creative.

Use many shades.

Show them the truth.

The color of stability.

Of calm.

Breathe in,

Breathe out.

Let the color fill your veins.

Rush through each heart beat,

And into the next.

A simple cut can change,

The dynamic of depth.


The color of strength.

Let it move to your brain.

Sliding down your body,

With a rush of danger.

Foreign and familiar.

Dab, dab.


The energy and happiness,

Of a job well done.

Dab, dab it away.

Until all that is left,

Is the stain of purple.


The color refreshing,

To the blank and black,

Dull power.

Corrodes the soul.

Seeping from the corners.

The dark night becoming your friend.

Green popping in front of you,

Wiggle and wiggle to safety.

Up and about.

The first growth from gray,

The dead and dull ground,

Waiting to sink you in.

Pulling at the yellow on your skin,

Wanting to pull that red slash apart.

To feed the loss.

The green pushing through,

With red’s help.

Let the colors be your life.

Represent each stage.

Play with each,

And discover the trials,

And tribulations.

Triumphs and victories,

Of each affair.

Seep in and out,

All around.

Creeping down every hall,

Looking into each door.

Leaving a mark,

For the next,

To change.



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