How this persistent sadness eventually takes over

The courage to do something with my life has been drowned in the desert of dismay and fear                                                                  I wake up and the pouring rain of agony reminds me of the cold, brittle thunderstorm of thoughts lost in the woods of this clutter, flawed, confused thing humans call a mind Submerged into the burning flame of guilt fighting the lion of hopelessness and insecurity                                                The volcano of anger erupts and the internal pain caged within demands to be released                                               In attempt to quiet the waves of anxiety and the mountainous tornadoes of a dismal heart                            The tigers blade-like claws order the Crimson liquid to come out of my striped scarred skin                                           Then the raging hurricanes in our minds become tsunamis in our eyes that turn our tears into steam                              Soon we sink into a fog of regret slowly easing the hold of the demons from the dark corners of our mind while the roaring hail of defeat pushes us past our breaking point and now the vicious shadows of nonexistence, sounds more appealing than the tune of birds chirping and the serene calming breeze in the trees of a forest at the break of dawn.

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