How to Pay for College

You don't. 

You struggle.

You cry.

You wonder why you aren't good enough.

Smart enough

For those full-ride scholarships like others

When you worked so hard.

You grow angry because you were told that education is the most important thing

But the very same people who tell you that give you a measly 6000 in the face of 30000.

You sigh in exhaustion as your parents tell you everything will be alright

But you know that's not true because you are an adult now.

You know that they only want to protect you

But you can hear them ask, "What are we going to do?"

You feel that pit in your stomach.

You know everything is not alright.

Why do they insist on you going to a big university when you would be happy in community college?




Worry that you won't get a job after community.

Don't they understand?

This is a big world.

This is a mean world.

We can't trick ourselves anymore,

Not anymore.

So how do you pay for college?

You die with debt

And a heavy mind.


This poem is about: 
My family


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