How many


How many pills do you drink a day? None? I drink ten. How many eyes do you have starting at your way?None?I have one too many. How many voices do you hear while no one else does?None?I hear more than twenty.They all scream,They all cry,They all whisper“Let me die.” How many people do you see but aren’t there?None?Lucky you, I have more than forty.No that’s lie.I don’t know how many there is.I don’t know because I’m not sure who real and who is not. How many call you crazy?None?I could say none as well, because no one says it to my face.But at the turn of my back I hear them all.Laughing, pointing, starting, judging.But never really getting to know me. How many really know you?Many or maybe just a few.That’s great!Be delighted!Smile and show them who you truly are! Because I can’t.Because at my sight all they see is a different species.Because at my sigth I'm not normal.Because at my sight I’m only crazy.  How many really now me?None. 

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