How to Live

Wed, 09/25/2013 - 15:02 -- NaomiKW



One word of advice, or three-

Never use adverbs. Think creatively.


The world is listening-

Always be honest and open-

Plan secretly. It also helps to smile charmingly and move quickly.


Should you fall behind,

Learn magically.

Do not let others fall behind- teach strategically.


Rely on more than yourself-

Trust lovingly.

Allow others to rely on you- love trustingly.


Always eat cautiously. Some things should be reclassified as inedible.


In life’s greatest battles, survive epically.

In life’s greatest arguments, shout passionately.


When you open your heart, speak gracefully.

When you relax, sleep soundly.


Remember to breathe quietly- unless you have good reason, breath should not be replaced with a sigh.


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