How Could I Ever Forget?


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How could I ever forget that day? Her eyes beaming bright, a fire kindling in her heart, and a boundless energy to inspire, all stared back at the seven of us in the floor length mirror. Her excitable disposition was contagious, and fed into a new found appreciation at our craft. Not ten minutes into the dance rehearsal, she collapsed on the floor; out cold. How could I ever forget?
My best friend laying limp in my arms, a meager drop of water seemed powerful enough to revive her. As I witnessed the world swimming in her eyes, I could tell this was more involved than any of us had anticipated. This would be the last time that I saw no pain in her eyes. How could I ever forget?
The leaves began to change, and the air nipped with a brisk wind. Two months later, I visit her; finally at home, finally able to rest, finally without ailment. Her favorite movies, some new headbands, the sweetest of sugary delights, and a simple note. I barely recognized her with the bruises and her translucent, delicate skin. The sight startled me, but never shook me from her side. How could I ever forget?
Today: her skin has regained pigment, the bruises have eased, the headbands no longer required, and the positive outlook that she has kept prevailed. Her smile shines as bright as it had before the gut-wrenching moment of uncertainty so many months ago. Her eyes sparkle with the happiness that was never silenced. Her courage and hope and determination, a huge inspiration to all. On that day of the seven girls, who would have guessed that our dear friend's life would change so abruptly? To this day she stands tall as a beacon of hope, for the ones that ran out of time. How could I ever forget? My dear Jennifer's victory over Leukemia.



Haven't we all had that one person, (or maybe that one event) to change our lives forever? How we view the world, ourselves, and each other? Never shall I ever take anything for granted. As this is a real experience of mine, I shall treasure it as a memory of joy and love. How could I ever forget?

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