How to Change a Life: Social Work Edition


They’re ungrateful; they got themselves in that position; they’re just being lazy,
One man I served at a soup kitchen even said-
“you spend too much time helping us; you will become one of us”.
As a member of a society who pledges they are “indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”,
I cannot let them just help themselves.
We are a team, and in this together.  

We are not like any other profession.
We as social workers are not here to rival each other.
We are a profession of a collaborative dream.
A dream to see difference being made in the world.
We strive to help individuals help themselves.
I did not choose this path for selfish reasons;
I chose it to be a member of a team, united by a cause greater than just one individual. .

Who doesn't have a dream to help those less fortunate?
To see those hurt gain a few ounces of success.
Who doesn't dream of a world of peace?
To keep fighting off the streets and see nothing but love.
Who doesn't dream of equality?
We as social workers strive for justice.

This is a career full of dreams, the career I dream to pursue.
Dreams for our futures, our clients futures, for the world's future.
We are social workers, a team of dreamers.


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