At the House of Three Mad Women


United States
30° 12' 36.8316" N, 81° 44' 45.186" W

Every morning
Its the same.
I stay in bed 
Counting the minutes until 
Dementia comes to wake me up.

Alas the light turns on
And the fans go off
And everything becomes 
Dead and silent.

I wake and rush to the bathroom
Before Lunatic claims the right.
But even while brushing my teeth
I can still hear the dishes
Being thrown around the sink,
A sign that Dementia wants to be heard.

Dementia needs no water or soap today
To wash the dishes, 
I know this because as 
I pass the hallway
I can see the endless tears 
Running like waterfalls 
Into the china plates.
Deception, betrayal and pain
Become her soap 
While she lives again
All the failures of yesterday.

"Fuck you" 
The whispery menacing words
Momentarily startle me.
Lunatic shoves me into the wall
Wanting to enter into her bath.
The door is close with a bang 
As her endless underbreath wrath begins.

Shaking my head in exhaustion
I enter the room and sit on my bed. 
The last tunes of a sad song 
Play solemnly in my head.
And I begin
To shake and quiver
And rock and shiver


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