The House That Built Me

  I've lived in one house my entire life.

The memories vibrating in the flesh of the walls.

The happiness, the sadness, even the crazy displayed on each and every surface.

I remember getting hit by dangerous toys.

Socks being thrown and put in my mouth.

The battle scars from an hour long rubber band fight.

The headache and black eye from the slingshot my brother so daringly used.

These are memories we will never forget.

Words being thrown here and there.

"Close that door"

"Watch your mouth"

"Bring that dirt back outside"

"You're stupid"

Followed by the immature giggles of wild children.

I remember the happiness of finally getting a higher mark on the door frame.

The gentle hand wiping the tears away.

The hand that will always belong to my mother, my first and forever love.

I remember the anger.

The teenage arguments of my brothers and parents.

I remember the tears, the disappointment.

Most of all i remember the love.

A love so strong that it knocks you off your feet, it will leave you breathless.

No matter how life pans out the one thing that will be constant is a loving family.

Eight sets of willing hands ready to help you when you fall down.

Eight sets of caring eyes making sure your on the right path.

Eight sets of legs ready to carry you when you are unable.

I was made from this.

I am the product of a once financially struggling family.

This family was was steady though.

This family was constant.

This family is who i am. 


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