A Hopeless Romantic Love Poem


United States
37° 56' 4.002" N, 87° 40' 40.2168" W

You're asleep in bed tonight,
But still here awake in my mind.
My heart is restless—
Trying to keep up with my thoughts of you.
I sit here, staring at the sky.
I wish you could see it,
It looks like you through my eyes.
The way the moon and the stars
give light to the earth—
It's a perfect comparison
of your brightness and worth.
If you only knew
the way you make me feel.
Your behavior, your beauty,
It's all so real.
I know perfection may not exist,
But you're the only one
to come closest with it.
Is there a possibility
you could feel the same way too?
I know it's absurd; I hardly know you,
But there's some deep connection—
Some tug of my soul drawing me closer
and closer to you.
I can't deny to whom my heart belongs,
But unfortunately there's another
to whom you gave yours.
If I had one wish, just one request,
I'd simply wish for just one chance—
One risk to take,
One heart to choose.
One shot at love,
Just me and you.


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