Be not a tree

Be not a shrub

Under a rain of graying flower petals,

we run up the stairs of our home

the white house on top of these deserted, narrow steps

our Refuge 

my comfort

Always empty for us and for us, only time

Thump Thump went our feet as we hopped down

These unfinished streaks of chalk

full of Light and uncertainty

our Greed; it was

the turning leaves of the years that our little world changed;

Making off with the

memories of times we'll miss every second of every day

Time, of which, twinkled in our eyes as we said goodbye

Love you found

as I found my own

but whenever I think of it

unbearable as it is

I am all yours

And on these cold steps, since the beginning

I had been and always have been

heading in that direction

towards you, little honeybee

Given a life and still

So many things to ask, but never could

Strength in weakness

and weak to your sting

Let us go Forward

Let us fly Free

Opening the doors of the walls we built

my honeybee,

Be not a victim

Be not a star

Be yourself

As we define the lights

Of the horizon of our hearts



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