I look up from the ground and vision the city that has kept me around, i used to be proud to say im reppin my town been gone so long when i see the logo i get sad and down.
I miss where i started and the fame kept me from comin back, my moms worried about me she might have a panic attack.
I wanted to fly but this bird left the nest to soon, i landed amomgst the stars but i want to go back to the place before the moon.
My pair my old pair of shoes was what started off to make me cool.
i miss my dad oh i miss my dad, i know he miss me too cause i feel his pain i know hes sad.
God take me back let me rewind my time, so i can just spend a little more in the time when i didnt have a single dime.
To my name but to be honest god i love this fame, i just hope my parents are proud and not ashamed.
Im livin my dream, im livin my dream, but i miss the family and my old team.
I miss the years of bein a teen but i cant complain im livin my dream.
Dont worry i never forgot you all, im gettin a first class ticket for that holiday in the fall.
Save me a seat at the table i sat at when i was finally tall, when we are done we can go look at the torn down mall.
I smile at the pictures of the town you sent me, im tearin up because of what you mean to me.
I just miss you all but what it seems to be, is that i finally have time to be free.
I need a break im sick of this work, i wanna go back home to where it all began.
Im homesick so home is where i ran.


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