Home is With You

Tue, 11/07/2017 - 10:17 -- Sana.M

The memories that we make, I hold dear to me.

They are stories, I like to believe

That I will read when I ache for normality.

They are tales of my home,

A place that is filled with heart-warming smiles

And soft words that never make me feel alone.

A tender moment so profoundly full

With love and togetherness from our hearts

Where you sang from deep within your soul,

A melody from where sadness departs.


I know your voice like it is my own,

I know the slant of your crooked smile

And the crinkles in the corner of your eyes when you laugh.

I remember your words like the lyrics to my favorite song,

And your sweet smell that always makes me feel at home.


I appreciate your strong, yet delicate hands holding me in place

And your tough love keeping me grounded.

I know your laughter because it always ignites a spark in me that I can never forget.

I know your horrifying fears that shake you to the core.

I know that when you are angry, you become a lightning bolt

That appears in extreme speed,

Filling the vast space with quick flashes of light

That sometimes linger dangerously.


I’ve seen your tears and felt the crushing pain they contain.

I’ve cried with you during the late hour of the night,

And I have laughed with you so loudly from within

Myself that I feel it coursing throughout my whole body.   


You are not perfect,

But your thoughts and actions weave together

To make something that is perfect in my eyes.

I don’t write poems about people,

But I wrote one for you,

Because I love you.


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My family
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