Home is Far Away

Dear Jonghyun,


In the smog, a star amongst us 

now flying with the rest

In the clear skies

I wonder if you're happier up there


From so high, can you even see us?

Does the world look prettier up in the skies?

Or are you giving your eyes a rest?

I wonder if you can see better up there


Let’s rest

Away from what gave you life

and you to us

And took it away to send you to the skies

I wonder if you’re missing music up there


Please sleep now, rest

So we could send our wishes into the skies

And you could wake up to answer us

I wonder if you can finally sleep up there


It hardly feels real for us

But all we can do is look up at you in the skies

You’ve left us to rest 

I wonder if you can breathe easier up there


You said that if you couldn't breathe properly

you would rather stop breathing

You said that you wanted a reason to live

and it was always for other people

and not yourself

You wanted it to be for you

You said you saw no light at the end of this road

I just wish you could've seen it

And I wonder if you're happier up there


I truly hope you are


With love,


This poem is about: 
Our world
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