I want to go home

So from my heart I write this poem

My feelings are becoming stronger

But my heart is growing weaker

As the days grow longer

And my head comes down with fever

Remember when I use to love?

I don't anymore

Yet inside I still feel the same but on the outside still strong

I know if I forget I'll be better off

My head is filled with so many things

That my brain just hurts to think

I ask myself, "when will he come?" 

And my question still unanswered I fall

The life that I never had

The soul that will never be

How do I survive on my own land 

How do I manage to see

 With my eyes blind 

And my ears deaf

 In complete darkness I lay

I bid thee goodbye 

As he comes for my soul and my body dead

I am finally home

I am finally home 

As I silently cry I whisper 

"I am finally home"



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