This is something I can never reread, this low,

this phycological disfunction and everything that coincides.

It's funny, I still see color.

No dull, no enhancement,

Just Life.

I can think.

I'm breathing,

yet you run wild and free.

Pond lillies, and all their beauty.

Why didn't I stop to watch them before?

Was I really that self consumed, or was life's timespan blinding?

Did a fickle human mind decieve me?

I thought I understood moments and their fleeting beats.







I need your presence...


I can't ask you to stay

though the sun shall rise tomorrow as promised...

As promised, I want to crumble and twist the very phrase.

As promised?

Why promise anything?

Is Nothing gaurenteed anymore?

I'd like to hope not, but side with the latter...


Still the cycle spins on, spinning;

my tears fill vision and I'm only left to feel, to fall...

It's warm here, but not without you.

I hug myself, keeping in the pain, needing to go through it, and holding out the world.

I can't stand this.

I'm not strong enough.


Come Home;

to me, to Love, to Warmth.

Bring me Love and Warmth once more.

I used to know them, heartbeats and their punctuality,

miss them...

Please promise me remembrance...



Come Home...


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