The Hollow Tree


O' Thy sweet hollow tree

Kind, wild and free

Some describing generation

Protecting us from invasion

Others not knowing the occasion

With their long and lengthy arms

They are usually standing on farms.


The unfortunate is made of this

About as bad as it gets

They talk through the wind

Many dont have a kin

The special are skinned

And made into baskets

Others made into caskets


They patrol the forest

Used by Florists

They're like beauty and the beast

In the winter, their health is decreased

Some will end up deceased

In the spring, blooms blossom

Makes it look pretty awesome


Trees are a symbol of caring

Peace, harmony and sharing

They display people's love

Some white as a dove

Some not as big as the above

People don't usually think about these giants

Cause they are mostly silent


They home all kinds of insects

It doesn't do much but connect

They don't do much but look

See something a guy might have took

Or might have been shook

Trees are more than what they appear

They hear everything around them with their ear.


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