Hold the sky? Hold that thought, actually..

Tue, 09/03/2019 - 23:33 -- Le-Ju

Atlas you fool, 

let go of the sky


The night carries on , and shines thousands of lights 

Or so they said, millions of years ago

Won't you, young God, just let go though?


Be a new being

Be a new you


Such inhumane strength, can bid your old job adieu

Why hold the sky, when you can rule the strong?

Bold and large! You're the defintion of lifelong!


Don't be weary, but take use of your strength

Oh my, what skills

You'll go to such lengths


Dear Atlas, you former Titan

Takeover! Takeover! You must rule again!


Takeover a gym!

You'll be a great fit

A strong one like you, definetly deserves it


Atlas you fool, 

let go of the sky


Take a spin to the gym

Just don't question me why!

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