If I could take the time and find a way to rewind it I would.

If I could understand the mindset I had then I could.I’ve built a wall of emotions and broke it down with a fault.I’ve had the ladder of love climb over me and my wall. I used to love more peers in my youngest of youths.Turned to a lit fuse, steered it into the booth.Then a light bulb came on in the darkest of rooms.I saw the light in my life on and I was far from doom. As I opened up my arms to the friends in my path.I turned around and felt a pain, I was stabbed in my back.I learned to keep a circle small like r=2Next time I almost got played, I already knew. And now I’m living in a happy place, I found the right girl.She knows my flaws and accepts me, I could stand up and twirl.I never have to worry over if she’s stabbing my back.The only threat I have to deal with is a heart attack.

This poem is about: 
My community


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