Hide and Seek

It’s so easy to get lost

To get comfortable in the act

In the game of pretend

Of being something you’re not

Perhaps because it’s safer

Or because you are afraid of the monster behind the mask

Or maybe just because it’s easy


But acting is never really easy

That’s why actors get paid so much to do it

But who’s paying you?

Who’s paying you to betray the version of yourself that you see when you look in the mirror?


Who’s paying you to hide yourself away?

To bottle up your emotions and leave them locked away, praying for fine wine?


Honey you are the fine wine.

Break every bottle because breaking is the first step to putting yourself back together again.

Rip down the yellow wallpaper

That always drove you insane

Or at least that’s what he calls it.


You are so much more than somebody else’s consolation prize

Or somebody else’s momento

You are a roaring flame

Capable of burning every moment he made you feel small

And every man who ever will.


You see,

I waited so long for someone to find me

That I nearly forgot to find myself,

But I’m here now

No more hide and seek

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goosebumps, literal goosebumps. this is so amazing and empowering and I love it


Thank you! Glad you liked it! :-)

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