The Hidden System


Hidden system, rules function like clockwork in my head

Crank, crank, crank: the demands on the system

More work, more power, more output required

Try to keep the system running: fuel it, feed it, but not with the right kind

So much lost, trapped within the coils of my mind

Forgetting the old, the new is pumped in

Reciting the new, the meaning is lost

Stuck in a system, self-destructive,

Yet it's the only thing that gets me through each day,

Somehow achieving goals I didn't create

A sense of accomplishment until I view the space im my head

Full to the brim but sick and dead

Those empty thoughts could not multiply,

For not a single one was even mine

Fearing this nothingness I enter myself

Words, words, words: hidden behind the system

Forgotten thoughts pushed into the dark,

Somehow seeded inside my skull

Cranking the system, the words come to light

Making the space again my own

Picking up a pen, I feed the words upon my skull

Grow, grow, grow so that the system can run

And meet the demands of the ever stronger

Crank, crank, crank on my mind




you sir have a way with words could you read mines it is right under yours


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