hidden suicide

“ I don’t know man, she just didn’t seem like the type of girl to do that. I swear she was always happy ”

“maybe she was faking it ”

They never thought the girl with the straight A’s would ever commit suicide, they never thought the caption if the volleyball team would ever commit suicide, they never thought the teachers pet would ever commit suicide. The story of this girl goes much into depth, every single day she woke up at 4 to hear the taunts of her father, every single day she want to sleep to the sound of her parents fighting. Everyone thought she was perfect, but the truth is she liked to dress to impress. No one realized she did homework on the bus just so she can work late nights to support her I’ll mother and drunkard father. No one realized she never invited friends over because she lived in a studio apartment. No one realized she was being abused by the “man” who was supposed to protect her. No one realized her grades were slipping due to h her arms were dripping. All they cared was if she had her homework done just so they could copy it, no one stopped to look closely at it, at the dried tear drops . No one offered her help, and she didn’t ask for it at all. And one day she was done, she was sick of it all, she was exhausted. So she took the chair stood up on it and tied a scarf across her neck and hung it to the ceiling fan, and from there her soul went to a place of eternal suffering. If only if she knew it would have gotten better.@vague.silence

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