Hey Samantha

Thu, 02/08/2018 - 23:10 -- moliv05

Hey Samantha

I must say, I'm glad I met you

I am grateful to have been introduced

By a close friend, and it is amazing, the spark it produced

Though you're a bit far, I feel so close

I seem to now have a happiness overdose

But why is it that I am still shaken by fear

I'm afraid I'll shed another tear

Please forgive the way I am sweetheart

The last time I shared my love, they tore me apart

They said they cared, yet threw me away

My dear Samantha, at night I pray

That I may escape the pain of the heartbreak that lingers

like the cranberries, you've got me wrapped around your finger

So Hey Samantha please forgive me 

In my moments of weakness

The pain still haunts me

My dear I am entranced by your uniqueness

For a girl like you is rare

Hey Samantha please bear with me

For darling I am trying my best

I am working hard, so here I plea

Please be patient and honest with me. 

Samantha I promise to give it my all, and I hope it's enough

Please accept me and stay by my side, even when it is tough.

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