Hey girl,....................P.S. I love you

Sun, 04/21/2013 - 20:11 -- Kylle18

*this poem is in reverse, this is the title and the poem is above

Our Love is Fresh as the Day is Young. It Feels Like Forever and, Like We Have Just Begun
When Your Souls Speaks My Ears Peak to Listen to Your Heart Beat Bum Bum Bum Bum to the Rhythm of My Drum
Hummmmmmmm Turns to Silence as We Lie there on Our Bed to the Bird Tweets and Cricket Creeks Outside Our Window they Speak with Us in Sync to the Genre Music Our Rhythm of Love
For Once in My Life I’m No Longer Afraid, No Longer Gripped by the Fearful Hand of a Nieve Kid, But Rather, My Own Self is Clinging to the Once Lonely Teen
With You
It doesn’t Matter
Nothing Matters
But Here and Now as We Kiss, Lips Pressed We Seal the Promises of Trust Beneath Our Flesh Down Digging Into Our Open Grave of a Chest
Peaceful and Open and Vulnerable We Live for Each Other
No Longer Living for Ourselves but Purposeful in Our Motion
So Open
I Can Let My Heart Use It’s Tongue to Speak Its First Words Without the Training Wheels Bound By Pen and Paper
Finally My Hearts Own Courage to Say These
These Words that Separate Us From the Rest of Our Lives


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