Her Recollection

It was all one big jump back in time.

And those bad people,

All the bad they did,

And there she was helpless.

Doing what she do best.

Taking "it"

Numbing the hands between her thighs.

Blocking the yelling of obscenities.

Numbing the hands gripping her throat.

Blocking the whispers that say she's a waste of space.

Numbing the hands caressing my 15 year old breast.

Blocking the voices in her head agreeing with the outside people.

Numbing the hands that left marks.

Seventeen years of blocking and numbing.

Blasting music out of headphones; Sip after sip of the 'numbing agent'.

A smoke here. A cut there.

She needs it. All of it.

But, she knows she's addicted. That she's just feigning.

It was a big jump back in time.

All those bad people,

All the bad they did,

And there she is broken, yet still kicking.


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courageous of you to tell your story

this will connect to viewers

continue to write my friend


Thank you.

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keep going

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