with her, the new beginning.

Thu, 05/12/2016 - 02:41 -- marec

she tore my soul, shattered my reasoning, severed and in despair
i grabbed myself, bid my family good bye and journeyed to pursue – her
the woman who ruined me.

i flew miles to find myself in this new world,
with only one thought, to have her back, against all odds,
yes, i had her back for five years,
but perhaps, it was just a loved forced and was never meant.

the gods of love planned otherwise,
someone wonderful and lovely,
suddenly, knocked my ageing door,
she pushed herself through,
enough to wake me up,
and pull me out from that old world.

now, it’s a mere estranged love
a lovely cliché, ‘good riddance’
now, a world without her [the woman who ruined me],
but a universe of amazing and infinite wonder.

colors started filling every part of my nuisance being
life begun finding its way back
love is setting in
the soul is alive again,
raring to journey to endless wonders
with her, the new beginning…

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