Her, the person my heart longs for, day and night as the stars swing by.

Why? Because I love how her skin shines under the sun the same exact way it shines in a dark room,

and I know exactly how her voice is always the loudest one in the room when she talks,

or maybe it's because she's the only thing my ears care to listen for in a crowded place..

 I remember falling asleep to the beautiful melodies she would make in her head,

shooting out of her mouth like she was born to sing me to sleep every night.

I know how it feels when she's away and i'm alone at night and wake up every other hour or so and check my phone just to make sure she's okay, and that she's sane..

And then having some trouble going back to sleep because I don't want to look for her in my phone,

I want to find her digging in my sheets, clenching them so close to her body.

Or better yet, holding me so close to her body that I can feel our inner beings wrapping us tighter and tighter together,

making sure we would feel so warm and peaceful in such a state of trance that we would never even believe in letting go.
I think she is my safe haven, I can go to her wether i'm thinking of the sky or the ground beneath us,

I can go to her for hugs, and laughter, and love.

with her I feel like she was the calming wind in my room on my alone nights, giving me the okay, that everything will be just fine.

She is my person, and I won't live without the beauty of her essence near me.


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Our world


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