Heavens Gown

I was their, but at the time, wasn't

Looking upon my cold, pale body of the open casket.

My blonde hair was straightened 

Cascading down my back

Eyes shut, and lips glossy

Shot twice in the chest

Recesitated once, then declared dead

I was in a silky white gown

It was beautiful, with beads of white flowers

Friends, family and others surrounded me

Tears of sadness falling upon me

It saddend me to not feel their drops, or emotions

The white roses, came to life 

Taking shape out of the dress

Time froze, then desipeard

Overpowering me with it's emense beauty

Placing my hand upon it, the velvet feel of the flower

Forming a bed under me

It grew, like Jack in the Beanstock

Past reality itself, into the garden Eden

This is Heaven and I'm wearing it's heavenly gown

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