The Heavenly Way to Life


I am here

I am born

everybody’s eyes behold

life can be cold

leaving you numb of twisted colors,

black and blue

stay true it’s up to you.

what I am is like no other

viewing the world of different color,

not only black and white

to me it’s not quite right,

creativity is the power of what my mind craves.

walking in my imagination asking is this a faze?

I want to be the best

not just a shadow

craving actions to break free,

making a difference for you and me.

running in path of such wonder

where I want to be seen

knowing this is all me.

jumping in a pool of success

is where I see such bless,

I am motivated to make a better life,

not to be held by the knife

In such fear,

It will only make me tear.

I am only human

my eyes have seen all

panting short breath after breath

sweaty palms,

not feeling quite calm.

I learned from the past

behind doors of a dark room

filled with rage,

like a bird in a rusty cage,

eyes closed

my mind shut beyond wonder.

I step into a room with an open door,

I hear thunder

It’s much brighter

freedom is taking toll

my mind expands beyond expectations.

this is now,

this is how it will be,

I know this is me.






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