Heavenly Flight

Sun, 04/21/2013 - 19:48 -- Kylle18

Heavenly Flight
I wish I could write exactly what I saw
As I peered out my little window the soft orange glow pierced through the clouds like fire flies
The stars all in place quietly buzzing about over head
This is what people mean by peaceful

I move glow to glow
Hopping freely
As carefree as the mighty oak of the forrest
I too am above the skies

The shinning stars never seem to move
Perfectly placed artistic accents of an impressionistic artist with a pointy pen

My starry night and fireflies ward off evil with quiet comforting lullabies above the dark clouds that lie below

One glow city takes shape into lights , lighting braille codes as a beacon

With my wings I soar above
Drifting off into the night sky
Off into the great beyond

By Kyle Essex



I tend to fly a LOT. This reminds me of my impression on my first plane, it represents that emotion perfectly. I love this piece what inspired you to write this?

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