Heaven & Paramore

 It was love at first sightI felt the my heart skip a beat when I saw him My body began to tingle when he hugged me tight His smile His eyes His laugh Everything made my world stopped  I saw him at his best I saw him at his worst I supported him I loved him I trusted him He was my everything  And then I lost him I lost his smile I lost his eyes I lost his laugh I lost his love ....  It was friendship at first sight I felt my heart tug at when I realized how perfect she was She was smart, loyal, and kind A peacemaker A social butterfly A riot She became my best friend  She saw me at my best She saw me at my worst She supported me As I supported her She trusted me and loved meShe was everything to me  I haven't lost her I promise not to lose her I'm holding on to her tight She is more than a best friend She is like a sister  I had a tough year I think I went to hell and back But I found my Paramore I had my friend I had my loveAnd even when I lost my love I still had the girl I call my sister  I think I went to hell and back No. I know I went to hell and back But I found my Paramore I found it in my friend and my love    

This poem is about: 
My family


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