to a Heart that beats for mine

I would love to say "I Love You"

but I don't know if I can

These words loom over my head, pounding

against the doors of my lips, my heart,

I would love to open it to you

more and more every day

But these Words, my heart, I do not want you

to throw away

Day by day, night by night, I ponder if you would.

I would love to say "I Love You," but I don't know if I should.


Will we flower or will we fade

like lovers lost at sea?

Swept away by the tides of time,

worn down by bitter night?

I would love to say "I Love You"

but is this Feeling right?


Would I brew this bitter Poison

that would shatter our lives for good?

Would I build up these malicious walls

of shoes you cannot fill, of grim expecations

and an impossible reality

Would my lovely curse, my mind,

pit you against that True Ideal?

That spiteful idea, that evil recollection

That shining, glistenening venom,

the guise of Sheer Perfection.


Love is not perfect, my dear

angel, my Serenity

I would love to say "I Love You"

but first you must love Me.

Love is a challenge, a mountain, a sea

I want to know you comprehend

Its Holy Severity


Do you love me? Do you really? Will you love me till you Die?

Darling, I would love to say "I Love You"

But you must give me reasons why.


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