Heart Beats

Fri, 02/07/2014 - 16:54 -- khasema



    The greatest invention I can think of is the cassette player that goes into the radio of your car and plugs into your phone to play music. Its always nice to hear what you like projecting through the speakers beside you. But what happens when its not enough. Its never enough.

    It’ll be enough when I can rip the cord out of my phone and stab it through my chest and into my heart. Letting my heart beats harmonize with the beats of my music. Feeling every bump pulsate through my body. The words flowing up to my brain replacing all insanity with serenity.

     I wish my heart was a stereo. Then id rip it out my chest and hold it high for everyone to hear so I would finally be heard. My heart beat would no longer be a regular beat, but a rhythmic one, pulsating in my hand. Bleeding beautiful serenades. Troubles and traumas are to be no more. I wouldn’t have to search every where for a way to heal myself because the resolution would be sitting perfectly between my lungs. One day I’ll make this heart. And then, that will be the best invention that I can think of.

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