Healthy Love

Healthy Relationships
“To understand a Healthy Relationship you must first understand what it is not”.
Relationships are the perfect portrayal of love and love is where it all begins, with such passion. When graceful dreams commence and you make promises to forever keep. Love is not a game. It does not start and end the next day. Love is full of happy thoughts and dreams; it’s a journey, an ever changing process full of, affection, tears and laughter. Love is appreciation, but never possession.
A feeling between two hearts that’s so surreal, with loving eyes and a smile so real. How beautiful and caring as the love embraces, painting a picture of happy faces. As the days go by and the seasons change always remember what true love portrays.
Love loves dearly, never leaving you stranded. It provides a shoulder when your heart is damaged. It watches over, kind and loving, holding you tight without a fight. It provides patience, so you never feel imposed; love provides confidence for the whole world to know. It’s bigger than any fight or bad day. Love provides laughter that washes tears away.
Love is a best friend, a bond that is truly unbreakable. So if your heart grows tired and worn out, and you think about giving in, always remember love is your biggest fan. Relationship are never perfect, oh no, for affection is forever greater than perfection, so this balance between love is consistent, never leaving you without or stranded.
Love is infinite beyond all expectations. Why it may not always do what you expect, it will always behave in a way that redeems itself. If it feels forced, then think twice, for your heart knows true love and what it shows. When the four words “because I love you” surround your presence you should feel warmth, trust, and admiration. These words shall not be used in vain but beautiful essence. “Because I love you” said and meant, coming from the heart, and from deep within.
Love is the greatest gift, treasured by some, admired by most, and desired by all. In the end, you should always remember that true love starts from within, for no one can love you like yourself, for real love will love you as yourself. Self-love radiates outwards for the world to see, so be patient and forgiving within your journey.
A healthy relationship will never ask you to sacrifice yourself, your dignity, or your dreams.

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