HB 314

They don’t trust me with spray paint,

But trust they me with a life.

Can’t have anything too permanent,

But the permanent choice is made.

They don’t trust me to drink or to vote,

But they trust me to mother.


Keep going on as if nothing is wrong.

This doesn’t make you sick.

You agree with your peers.

You agree with your pastor.

You fit in their understanding,

And your nails dig into your palms.


“No, I’m doing nothing this weekend.”

Markers scratch against poster.

“Don’t tell but can you drive me?”

Voices are loud and numbers many,

And I hear the screams.

The libraries are filled with those.


It’s stories that don’t want to be told.

The stories of the darkness.

But quite kills now,

And so can noise. 

No way to win and one way to lose. 

I’ve chosen my battle. 


You’re going to hell.

This is so inspiring.

An accomplice to murder

We need more people like you to stand up.

You’re wrong; that’s a life

Thank you for fighting.

I’m praying for your relationship with God.


They don’t know me.

They don’t know me,

Yet they cast stones,

And memories crumble.

The don’t trust me with spray paint,

But they trust me with a life. 


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