Happy Place

Have you ever been there?                                                                               

It’s better than here

My happy place is where everythings clear

Reality is not more,

And fantasy takes over…

You’ve probably been there in your dreams

I recommend you all give it a try

All you have to do is close your eyes

and open your mind

I don’t think you know how

The world is busy making your mind tainted

All you see is hate and greed

War over things like race and money

I wish everyone lived in trees

We’d all be really smart, spiritual monkeys

Humans I think forgot what they are,

forgetting their origins behind prison bars

Too busy trying to advance in everything else

Except looking into themselves.

They forgot that were all connected

That’s why people are selfish

Fighting over silly things like power and people’s belief

Blowing away all of our peace

Not caring or feeling

Simply living and dying

But what is life without love?


There is none.


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