Hankering of You



The aura of you has the potency that It could thaw the snow
Blissful flowers Have bloom
on the Land of My Heart

My Barren eyes changes into spring
The sky turns stupendous now
Ocean changes its color in the blink of an eye

The sun and moon are swapping their ways
Chirping of birds sound like a melodious symphony

Divinity Has lid up the sky with splendidness,

But you don't feel the same As I do.
I have Credence that my Love has colossal Aroma and affection that I would turn rocks into dust
It would create ocean in volcano
It would fill up the cracks of the wall
The breath of my Love can make the damaged lungs of addicts into cherry blossom
You say you have been through a lot
But I've got my demons even wide awake and dreaming
and I'm in a constant fight with them
How much is too much love?
We don't promise tomorrow, So shower
your love like it's our last day

Night will dress up like an enchantress to cast a spell of tremendous passion in you

You, My Beloved
They have the Intrigue to make us one

Every miraculous has the conspiracy to make our love beyond measure


This poem is about: 
Our world


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