I'm holding into this string

This string is an unstable cable

shaky and weak

This string is tangled,

and ruined, and soon it will wither and break

It's no longer strong for the years have made it weary.

This string was once colorful

colors of red and gold

Bright as a rainbow

It was a beautiful string.


This bar I'm standing on is heavy and unstable

its endured so much.

I look up,

the wiry mess that was so beautiful is dulling,

my steady bar means nothing.

My how heavy it is. 

I thought it was my comfort spot, a safe place

But I see, I was deceived.

I look up,

it will not hold, and I know I won't grow old.

I know this is it,

because as soon as I look down, my string



Teren Marie

This poem has so many levels to it and it gives a good strike to reality.  I love it, really.


Thank you, I wrote this in thoughts of the balancing a heavy burden on a life line. Inspired in creative writing class when she handed out pictures and  there was one with a construction worker on a cable and bar, but I made it so it represented the uncertainty of life, it's scary depending your life on something so heavy and fragile 

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