Hand-Crafted Abyss

I am depressed 
In this mess
That I carved my life into,
Into this dark abyss
Where I miss 
The stars zooming around my face
Music hurrying up their pace

Making my lonely heart ache.
With these heinous crimes pasted over with lies
I can't ever tell you the time
When I missed having my scars 
Getting covered up with my fault lines
I'm lying.
On the inside I'm dying
I'm so damn delirious 
With mysterious beings
Mysterious things,
My phone rings.
It's you.
You calling back
After you have been lax-ed 
Out of my system, 
Why are you here?
Matter fact,
How is it that only you, 
That can snap me back
To this reality 
When you sent me to mental purgatory?
This is just another lie
To coincide 
To the fact that I need you
It can't be true
You locked me into this room 
Where a gun is to my temple
And I'm thinking,
This is the best way 
To run far away
From you.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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