To Hailey


I know why you do it. 

I know that the numbness

and dull moans inside your skull 

is near

all consuming.

Some days pain is the only

voice that is shrill enough

to break through

the silence. 

I know the world

can be cruel and harsh

I have throught often of 


and my mortality.

If I even deserve love

or even


Please hold on.

Scars leave more than pain,

they leave memories

of kitchen counters,

bathroom sinks,

and the fields behind home.

Alcohol is not strong enough

to lift away your problems. 

Smoking your cigarettes

leaves you with broken lungs

and we both know

we could both use

less broken things.

I know things seem hard.

I know looking over the horizon

and not seeing the clear path yet

through the thorns and 

the trees with roots

thicker than fists.

But know that the trees

once started as saplings.

Everything must break once

before it grows


You have greatness inside you.

You may even have

life inside you, please.


Remember why

you do this.


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