A Gun Went Off

A gun went off

people were hurt or worse- killed

A gun went off

all because the shooter didn't like who they loved.


My heart goes out to all those who've suffered

the victims, their families, friends- the community as a whole

all because a gun went off

for a reason that shouldn't be.


We should love

We should tolerate

We should be decent human beings

and I can't express the sorrow I feel for those who've suffered.


After all, no one should be scared

that they'll lose their life

just because their attraction doesn't fit a different man's defintion

and I know that doesn't change the ache that swept through


But- a gun  went off

and I really am so sorry it happened

A gun went off

and I hope someday Orlando- you can heal from all that was lost.

This poem is about: 
My country


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