The Griffin

It was nearly nightfall; sky darkened by the clouds that promised rain
But I had been chosen to go through Canyon of Monsters to prove my bravery
Both ways I must go; should I return my events would be recounted at fire
While coffee and biscuits were shared as a morning meal
But now I was thinking of the stories of the people who had passed through
What fates had beheld them; what creatures had taken their lives
No thoughts of what would happen in morning went through my head
As I rode my steed at the trot speed that should prove my bravery all the more
Then the path stopped; to rough and narrow to let my horse lead the way
I leapt from my horse and pulled the horse behind me
But the horse did not follow as though it had already sensed the danger that was to befall me
Forcing the horse forward, I walked into the setting sun
At some time along the way I lost the horse; I had dropped the reigns along the way
The horse, not wanting to move forward, had stopped and began to go back
I called to the horse; but all that met my ears was the never ending call of the wind
Calling me forward to meet my own fate 
Then as the sun disappeared; an attack from behind, talons gripping me around the middle
I fought them, but the grip was strong and lifted me with ease
I stopped fighting then for if I were dropped every bone that I have would have broken
The grip was comforting and the movement smooth, so I fall asleep till fate I will meet
I was woken by the feeling of rolling on hard ground; on the floor of a cave
I sprang up when I hit the wall; the exit was near but blocked by my worst fear
The griffin; with talons and wings of an eagle, and the body, color, size, and tail of a lion
While blocking the exit it moves toward me but with one word I think that I stop it for good
My command of come no closer does not stop it for long; the shock my voice only surprises it
But the sound of the griffin’s voice only sends me to my cowering state
It asks of who I am; I do not reply but command it to sit while I recover
The feeling of power; and tell it that we might talk for the time that I am here
We talk for a while; as we continue it seems to find delight
At the fact that I might like it for a friend; it had never had one I learn as it talks
It was a castaway; not part of the clan, but one who had been banned
I asked him to come with me in the morning came and he consented
We curled up together and spent the night; sleeping side by side and free of fright;
When morning came I told him where I wanted to go
And he flew me to camp through the canyon, right through the narrow part
But when we reached camp my mates jumped in fright for the griffin had much power
I calmed the boys down who were going to attack, and told the griffin he would not get hurt
We sat down and my mates asked for a tale; but I told them not until after my breakfast
When I was ready they begged all the more and when they got quiet I began: Well here’s the start
It was nearly nightfall; sky darkened by the clouds that promised rain


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