"Green Tea"

A mug full of green tea

On a night under a black sea

Started out thinking about food in France

End up with my head up in circumstance


Seventeen, strung out on confusion 

Step between this world and illusion

Reminisce the absence of comfort and home

Contrast the abstract of Love's rosetta stone


Walking with my head down

Complaining about making father proud

This democracy of hypocrisy cannot stand

If I'm to lead my love like a dove into the promised land


Pondering your words clad in surprising might

Wandering the songs you sing of this night

You know and I know I let you down

Nevermore upon this shore will you hear that sound


Fuck faux pas you deserve the truth

You deserve the brilliance of my youth

I don't apologize for my guise upon this stormy sea

I just sit in this light and write about a mug full of green tea

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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